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Kontratazioa: · 659 97 58 20

Enkore, is a young rock band created in 2009 in the Bilbao district of Rekalde. In 2012, after self-publishing two EPs (m. k. t. and Z. K. H.) and a single (Zergaren),  their first album “FaktoreKomunak” was released. In 2014 they published their second long-term work:”Kanala”, allowed by “E” in 2015 and the single “Hegan II” in 2017. Now they have just released their latest single “Dana”.

In their early years they received several awards such as the jury prize of the 20th GazteaMaketaLehiaketa, and were selected to represent the Basque Country and Euskara in some of the most important festivals in Europe:”Liet International”,”Endangeraged Music Festival”…

In their albums they have brought together successful songs such as:”GureEreserkia”,”Muxurikmuxu”,”Airea”,”OzenOihukatu”,”Zerua” or “Bihotzezkutua”, which reached the top positions in the Top Gaztea hit list (one of the most listened musical radios in the Basque Country) thanks to the votes of the listeners.

In their short career they have found their niche as one of the leading bands in the current Basque rock scene, while they have also set foot on European stages(BBK Live, FábricaEmídio da Silva Raposo, Ciudad de la CulturaXixón, The Water Rats London, Lo Submarino de Reus, Hare & Hounds Birmingham…), touring countries such as Portugal, Catalonia or the United Kingdom.

They are currently running their “DANATour” tour and are preparing what will be their 10th anniversary in 2019.

Band Members:

Xabi Hoo: Ahotsa
Urtzi Iza: Gitarra
Aitor Gallastegui: Baxua
Alvaro Olaetxea: Bateria

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